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Corgi Breeders Near Me

  Reputable and Responsible Corgi Breeders Near Me

When you are ready to welcome a new bundle of furry fun into your home, you want to know that this precious life had the best possible start. Quivira Corgis are corgi breeders near me that take the responsibility of raising AKC registered puppies with an eye toward their health and social confidence. All of our puppies spend their first few weeks in our home playing with their parents, siblings, and us. Every puppy goes home with a health certificate and a non-breeder clause in the contract, so we can continue to support a happy and healthy pet population.

Cute, Cuddly, and Energetic Corgis for Sale in Kansas

Corgis are known for their supersized smiles and adorable short bodies packed with power. Bred as a compact herding dog, their intelligent disposition means they are always looking for something new to do. They will work tirelessly to collect all their toys and possibly their humans. Once the balls are accounted for, it is time to run and run and run. Our corgis for sale in Kansas arrive at their new homes ready for walks, gallops in the backyard, and plenty of living room wrestling.

Pick from the Perfect Corgi Puppies in Wichita KS

There is no need to hop on a plane to pick up your corgi pup. We are located nearby and offer corgi puppies Wichita KS to approved adopters from the area. We do ask that once approved, you wait to meet your puppy until they have received at least their first round of shots. They will be available to go home with you after receiving all shots, are completely weaned, and have received the basics of Puppy Culture training. We will be happy to provide a complete list of all the equipment you need to ensure their continued happiness and comfort.

Stubby Legs, Stubby Tails, and a Smile a Mile Wide

What comes with your corgi? Of course, each Pembroke Welsh Corgi comes with the trademark squat body and cropped tail, but their welcoming expression is what wins over many new friends. They are well suited to live in the city, the suburbs, or as a farm dog eager to spend the day running in the fields along your side. If you have always wanted to train a dog for agility, the corgi has the intelligence and focused attention required to master the course.

For more information about our current and potential puppies, please give Quivira Corgis a call today. We will review all of our policies and encourage you to complete an application along with your non-refundable deposit.

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