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Current Litters

It's hard to believe but  our 2021 breeding season is coming to a close!  We have 3 gorgeous litters now and all of our Corgi babies will be ready to go home before the Holidays. We are still  accepting deposits on these litters; we have several great breedings planned for 2022 and will do our best to meet the needs of each family when placing our puppies.  We ask that you check our site frequently for updated photos.  Our communication occurs via phone, email and our website.  The easiest and most sure way of getting in touch with us is with a simple phone call or text. If you text PLEASE share your name and the puppy you are looking at.  It's also helpful if you indicate whether or not you have placed a deposit.  

We have several beautiful moms that will be coming in to heat soon and we will keep the upcoming litters posted as we begin the breeding process.  All of our puppies are generally reserved by the time the pictures are posted on our website.  We encourage you to contact us in advance when looking for a puppy.   We are able to send puppies to a location near you via an escort or puppy nanny and always are happy to meet you at a nearby airport.  If you have other means of transportation, we are open to discuss these as well.


Do you have your heart set on one of our gorgeous pups?

We LOVE to talk corgi!!!

AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies for Sale

We have spent years researching, refining and developing our AKC registered Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeding program. From the first delightful pitter-patters that our little Queen Lizzie tapped across our hearts more than 12 years ago, we haven't been without a Tri-Color Pembroke Welsh Corgi close at hand. We quickly fell in love with their lively beautiful charm and who can resist their short-legged athletic energy.

 These puppies are a delightful addition to any home and most lifestyles.  They are relatively small, low-set, sturdy, active little dogs that were originally bred as herding dogs. Keeping that in mind, remember the Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy is swift, independent and intelligent. If you can imagine it, they have probably already thought of it and are getting ready to try it.  

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy with a stuffed toy in front of it

We find Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies to be easy to train and very eager to please. They LOVE to have “tasks” to accomplish and look forward to training times. Because of their outgoing, friendly and adaptable personalities, these little guys work well in both city and country living. These dogs handle a changing lifestyle whether that be life in an apartment, on the road or in the country. They LOVE their people and nothing seems to phase them.

Here at Quivira Corgis, we strategically plan our matings with the goal of producing healthy, well adjusted beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgis that will grow into happy members of their forever families. We take seriously the task of matching our delightful little ones with their new owners.  All of our puppies have been started with Early Neurological Stimulation and at 21 days of age we begin introducing our puppies to elements of Puppy Culture to help prepare them for their new families. 

My husband and I both work outside the home and are active with our extended family. Puppy play and exercise are vital parts of our puppy preparations.  We know that new families are always anxious for pictures and we do our best to meet the needs of our new families. We do ask that you understand our priority: raising and preparing puppies for their new lives away from us.  That means we do our best to take periodic pictures of our litters as they develop but when having to make a choice between taking, processing and posting pictures and whelping, playing with and training our puppies, the pictures take second place.  We know our families want what is best for their new puppy and truly appreciate patience and understanding as we prepare each litter.

Below you will find pictures of our current litters.  We identify our litters with some type of "categorical" name to help make visiting about specific puppies easier.  When communicating about a specific puppy, it's helpful if you refer to the parents and the "name" of the puppy and the litter.  For example: "We are interested in the puppy 'Ellsworth' from the Reese x Bart 'College Dorm' litter..." By giving us this kind of detail in your communication, we can insure you are receiving the most correct up to date information on a specific puppy. Please check here, on Facebook and also on our Instagram page for additional pictures of puppies as they grow and develop. 


As you make the final decision to bring a loving Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy into your home, remember, Corgi puppies were bred to herd sheep and cattle, so they are sharp, tireless and they have little fear. They are eager to learn and please their families!

We know Pembroke Welsh Corgis really do believe they are big dogs in those little dog bodies.

Be ready for that little BIG dog to melt your heart!

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