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Corgi Puppies For Sale In Kansas

  The Most Adorable Corgi Puppies for Sale in Kansas

Whether you live on a farm outside the city limits or enjoy the comforts of apartment living, a corgi may be just the canine companion for you. Quivira Corgis is a local corgi breeder Kansas and is just a short drive from most major metropolitan areas in the state. We raise all of our AKC corgis at our home where they learn to run, roll around with their brothers and sisters, and come when their human companions call. When you are seeking a short and stocky puppy loaded up with a big dog attitude, consider adoption from us.

Place Your Deposit for Your Corgi Adoption

Did you hear about us from a friend? We are not surprised. There is often an extensive waiting list for our puppies, so we encourage everyone looking to set up a corgi adoption to place a deposit with us. You can let us know if there is a particular pup that caught your eye or if you prefer one sex over the other. Our corgi puppies for sale in Kansas are intended to become pets and our contracts include a no breeding clause unless you work out an exemption with us before completing the sale.

Shop Local with a Corgi Breeder in Kansas

You could find a litter of corgi pups elsewhere, but why put you or the dog through the stress of cross-country travel? Support your local business economy when you buy from a corgi breeder in Kansas like Quivira Corgis. Not only are we your neighbors, we also believe in raising our dogs right. From the earliest possible moment, we introduce them to Puppy Culture so they are ready to meet both human and other canine cousins for a happier home. They come home to you prepared to be good citizens in your neighborhood.

Puppies Raised in Our Home Ready to Meet their New Forever Families

At Quivira Corgis, we take the health of our dogs and their children very seriously. We limit interactions with approved adopters until each litter receives their first round of shots. We provide you with a complete health certificate for both the parents and your puppy. Our sires and dams have been genetically tested to prevent the occurrence of congenital defects. Every puppy is registered with the AKC, even though they are all destined never to have their own family.

If you are ready to adopt a corgi in Kansas, give us a call at Quivira Corgis. We will review any available puppies with you or talk about potential litters. Our deposits are non-refundable but can always be applied to a puppy within the next year.

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