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Corgi Puppies For Sale Near Me

  Playful Corgi Puppies for Sale Near Me

Is your home missing the happy bark of a canine friend? If it is time to remedy the problem, call Quivira Corgis and check out our corgi puppies near me for sale. These roly poly puppies soon grow out of their round faces and turn into first-class clowns ready to get into all sorts of situations at your side. These puppies have an intelligent and intense disposition, making them the perfect partner for an active urbanite or growing suburban family. One could even join you on the farm and help with all your daily chores.

Plan Ahead with Clear and Competitive Upfront Corgi Puppy Costs

We never hide the details of our corgi puppy cost. If you see one that is calling to your heart, a $300 deposit will put a hold on them until they are ready to go home with you. Every puppy is AKC registered and comes with a two-year health certificate and complete background. They receive their first two rounds of shots from our vet and are fully prepared to face life in the big wide world. Other details such as color, conformation, and sex will determine their final price.

Matching Families and Corgi Puppies Near Me for a Happier Future

Before we accept your deposit, we do a thorough review of your application and will speak with you personally. We need to know that you have the room and time to support your new furry friend. Once we are confident, you can select one of our corgi puppies for sale near me. We have a meet n' greet for all future pet parents after the puppies get their first shots. After that time, we encourage you to wait to bring them home until they are truly old enough to leave the support of their mother and siblings.

Raised in a Loving Home to Get Ready for Yours

Once the little balls of love are waddling around our house, we introduce them to the basics of Puppy Culture. When you arrive to take your tyke home, they will have a basic understanding of good canine manners when greeting people and other puppies. We limit the number of visitors to our home to prevent any exposure to common canine viruses and infections. Most of all, we give them lots of hugs so they look forward to snuggling up to you on the floor, the couch, or even your bed.

Get the ball rolling and fill out our online application and contact form. Quivira Corgis will give you a call and begin the process of connecting you with your future furry friend.

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