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Fluffy Corgi Breeders

  Connect with Fluffy Corgi Breeders and Fall in Love

Have you decided that a Welsh Corgi is the puppy for you? Quivira Corgis are fluffy corgi breeders that focus on producing wriggling, wagging bundles of joy. While our sires and dams are all AKC registered corgis, we only breed with the intention of giving you a happy, tongue-lolling family friend. We support a healthy pet population, so our puppies go home with a no-breeding clause and are expected to be spayed or neutered while they are still young.

Corgi Breeders that have You and Your Puppy's Welfare at Heart

Before you purchase your puppy, we ask each of our adopters to complete an application and provide a $300 non-refundable deposit. We will give you a call and ensure that you are properly prepared for being a puppy parent. Corgis are well tempered to live in the city, country, or even on a farm, but they do want lots of opportunities for physical exercise and clever puzzles to solve. As experienced corgi breeders, we always include a heads up to our adopters to keep their eyes on their tail-wagging charges as often as possible.

Health Certificate, Puppy Culture Introduction, and Wagging Tails Included

Each of our litters are raised by us in our family home. As soon as the puppies have open eyes and start exploring their world, we are introducing them on the finer points of being a proper canine companion. Using Puppy Culture cues, they learn to greet people and other pets politely. We ensure they receive all needed shots to protect them from serious canine illnesses and viruses. We hand them off to you complete with a two-year health certificate.

Fill out one of our online applications and open your home to one of our Quivira Corgis puppies today.

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