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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Adoption Near Me

  Fill Your Heart with Pembroke Welsh Corgi Adoption Near Me

Do you need a power-packed puppy wriggling in your lap and licking your face? Quivira Corgis offers Pembroke Welsh Corgi adoption near me for a fast solution to your need for a new canine friend. All of our puppies are only placed in homes as pets, so we will help you select a reputable vet to schedule their neuter or spay when it is time. Our puppy parents are all AKC registered corgis with a clean health and genetic certificate. You get to bring home a furry friend with a smile large enough to fill your home with joy.

Pembroke Corgi Puppies Overloaded with Personality and Intelligence

These little furry delights were originally bred to help with herding in the fields. This means that in our modern world they are always looking for something to do. They will come home eager to sort through their pile of toys and spend the day running with the kids in the backyard. Pembroke corgi puppies will quickly form a strong bond with their new human friends and spend their life right by your side. While they are short, they have a big dog bark and attitude ready to tackle any obstacle with confidence.

Welsh Corgi Breeders Operating a Responsible Program

We are Welsh Corgi breeders that believe in raising happy and healthy dogs. Your puppy will spend their earliest weeks in our home surrounded by their mother, siblings, and helping human hands. As soon as they are wobbling around the house, we introduce them to the basics of Puppy Culture and help them to learn how to greet both humans and other puppies. If you are interested in breeding corgis, we encourage you to call us and have an extensive conversation about your program. Otherwise, all puppies are sold with a no-breeding contract.

Taking Deposits Now on Current and Future Puppies

Our corgi puppies are always in high demand! If you are interested in a specific puppy in a picture, please give us a call or fill out our contact form as soon as possible. We will help you with the details and take a deposit to reserve your chosen furry friend. Perhaps you want a corgi with a particular color blend, sex, or personality. Your deposit can also be put toward a future litter and we will let you know when we have a potential match. We send every puppy home with a two-year health certificate.

When you are ready to adopt an AKC registered corgi, give Quivira Corgis a call. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and can even coordinate your pickup or delivery if needed.

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