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Reputable Corgi Breeder

  Pick Your Pup from a Reputable Corgi Breeder

Are you in love with smaller dogs boasting big attitudes? Be prepared to lose your heart when you see the puppies from Quivira Corgis. We are a reputable corgi breeder that only produces AKC registered puppies and raises them in our own home. It has taken years to establish our breeding program and work hard to offer up adorable corgis that are healthy, with a clean genetic background, and are destined to become sensational family pets. We usually have several litters a year, so we often have puppies available or a litter that is arriving soon!

Shop with Corgi Breeders Midwest for a Quicker Pickup

Did you think you might have to travel to the coast to find a beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup? Think again. We are Midwest corgi breeders, so you have less travel required to pick up or visit your future furry family member. If we are just too far away, we can arrange an airport delivery for a fee where our puppy nanny flies with your puppy in the passenger cabin and delivers them to your hands at the destination airport. Our central location allows for quicker travel time from St. Louis, Omaha, Wichita, or Oklahoma.

Select Your Future Friend from Our Corgi Puppies for Sale

Our breeding program operates with the health of our mom-dogs always as a top priority. This means we have multiple breeding dams and are able to offer several litters of puppies each year. Check out our online gallery. If you see a puppy and fall in love, fill out our online application or give us a call! We accept deposits on current puppies and future litters. Is there a specific color you desire? Let us know and we will do our best to match your desires as puppies become available.

AKC Registered Puppies Sold as Pets to Loving Families

While our breeding parents are AKC registered, fully trained, and able to enter competitions, we are not a breeder that relies on a champion ribbon to sell our puppies. We anticipate that all our puppies will be pets and are sold to be spayed or neutered upon maturity. You should expect to spend time running and playing with your corgi, as they are intelligent and easily get bored when left to their own devices. If you want to add one of our puppies to your breeding program, please contact us so we can come to an agreement.

If you would like to learn more about our current puppies or soon arriving litters, give Quivira Corgis a click or call today. Please check out our Policies Page for a better understanding of your responsibilities as a potential puppy parent.

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